Thursday, 11 September 2014

Pamper Yourself with Handloom Fabrics

It is that time of the year, where the heat is at its peak and humidity at its worst. This scorching heat not only burns the body, but, also wrecks havoc on your skin. No doubt, a good liquid diet regime hydrates your body, but what about your skin? This summer set your skin free from the turmoil, let your skin breathe! Pamper your skin with some light, breathable fabric. And what could be better than a good cotton kurta or a dress straight from the hand looms?!
When we talk about the handloom industry, we boast of an industry, that clothed not just the country, but, the entire world for a thousand years, an industry that sings the saga of India’s rich heritage.
The Indian handloom sector is no longer indigenous to the respective states, but is turning global in a big way, claiming a vast array of foreign customers. The level of artistry and intricacy achieved by Indian handloom fabrics is supreme and beyond the reach of modern machinery that boasts of mass production. No power loom industry could ever match the personalized and tailor-made finish that handloom weaving offers and the elegance that follows. The artistic skills traditional of the handloom weavers flaunts a distinctive excellence.
  With the temperature soaring every single day, and not to forget the sticky sweat, imagine what our skin goes through! Relieve your skin this season with some light, comfortable sweat absorbing handloom fabrics, and yet look classy, gorgeous, fashionable and elegant!
The big names of the fashion industry have created a distinct style of designing, giving ample focus on the ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship in contemporary terms. These biggies of the glamour world have incorporated handloom fabrics not just to show innovation, but also, but also to cater to the huge popularity of the handloom industry. Be it salwar kameez, saree, kurta for men/women, even a handkerchief or a scarf ... the variety one gets to see in handloom are many. It's no wonder then that one can see people flocking hand loom exhibitions which have become most common in recent times.
Unlike the powerloom fabrics, the handloom ones provide ample space for the air to pass through. Also, they facilitate easy stretching and free movement of the body. 
Another reason behind its immense popularity is the fact that this fabric can be worn both in summers as well as winters.
When Mahatma Gandhi promoted use of khadi, everyone thought it was too cheap a fabric to wear. But, in the present age, neither khadi nor any hand loom fabrics are cheap. In fact, it has become one of the most preferred fabric owing to the bodily comfort it provides. Thus, it is no more a poor man's 'kapda', but, rather a rich man's luxury.


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